Catch the Concepts of El Cid Sales Practices

El Cid Sales Practices are committed to give concept and overview to people with formidable sales and marketing expertise. One of the leading persons for this field is Curtis Knipe, a 25-year veteran of the timeshare business, is Director of Sales and Marketing for El Cid’s Timeshare Division. He became part of the company in 2007 as the Director of Sales for Westgate Resorts, Vice President of Sales for Island One Resorts, and Vice President of Sales for Tempus Resorts. Other important staff is Andrés Gilberto Avilés Bazúa who leverages his incomparable experience gained from previous stints in tourism promotion. Bazúa serves as Director of Marketing for the Mazatlan Hotel Association, being appointed for El Cid Resorts’ current Director of Sales.
The two personnel are in-charge to manage the conceptualization and implementation of such winning El Cid Sales Practices at the El Cid Vacation Club (ECVC) Vacation Program. The program was formulated to info campaign on El Cid Resorts and their services. These allow non-members to experience El Cid’s with indescribable firsthand experience and affordable prices. In order for you to have the privilege to stay at the resort for 24 hours, you should secure your membership. Once you are on the list of the club network, you can have the full blast of all benefits to have an enriching quality of life in worldwide destination. Express your openness to sit down with sales crew and explore the possibility of obtaining El Cid timeshares of your own. Be a part of it.





Why Use Styrofoam without any Guilt?

Styrofoam a trade name for polystyrene, made from environment-friendly materials specially invented by Dows is used for housing insulation. Polystyrene is made from almost weightless material, about 95% air, having excellent insulation properties is utilized in all types of products. Recently, Dow announces innovative technology for its brand insulation. Dow Building Solutions developed a next-generation foaming agent technology that permits to manufacture its foam brand insulation with a zero ozone-depletion aspect and decreases its greenhouse gas discharges in North America. The hydrochloro-fluorocarbon has been substituted for a better formulation to go away with an ozone-depleting compound that US and Canadian laws under an International Agreement requires. Now, with a non-ozone exhausting compound, it empowers Dow’s customers to continue getting its bran foam insulation with the same product quality and cost-leadership situation. This shows Dow’s pledge, as signatory of Sustainability Goals for Addressing Climate Change, to completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.
This brand is one of the most trustworthy and acknowledged brands in building and construction industry. Venture in developing an auxiliary foaming instrument technology mirrors the commitment to the customers and the industry. By continuously evolving the solution well-ahead of other companies with their compliance targets, assurance for customers of constant supply of the brand foam insulation is always present. And it perseveres to grow the leading Styrofoam brand franchise. Since it has started conversion to the futuristic foaming agent at North American area of production amenities, it has invested in new technology, new capacity and has optimized its overall impact for sustainability. The Company is specifically upgrading production aptitude for most of its prevailing production sites, initiating a new facility and consolidating production in some areas. The alteration process and strength reconfiguration are the state-of-the-art in a sequences of moves Dow Building Solutions has embark on to invest for deliberate progress in its agenda.

Airbrush and Spray Tanning Equipments

Spray tanning, nowadays, is very popular. Those who wish to tan their skin need not lie under the sun anymore as direct sunlight can be harmful. With the use of a scatter tanning equipment, the procedure can be done in a salon. Above all, the solution used in spew tanning is considered safe too.

Spray Tanning Equipment

Cover tanning equipment is available in different brands. You can also find various types of equipments. Some are big and used in salons; others are not heavy and can be used at home.

‘High Volume Low Pressure Machine’ or HVLP is popular and mainly used in salons. Any machine with a 400 to 700 watt motor is good enough. The heat function is automatic and it also shuts off automatically to avoid getting overheated. The squirt tanning equipment has an excellent gun that prevents leakage and each spray skin colour uses only 30-50 ml of the solution. It’s good for use in salons as you can use it on 6 clients in an hour. There are several other tanning machines, but all of them have the same working system.

Spray Tanning Accessories

Besides the spray tanning systems, there are some essential accessories you need before you start the procedure. A tanning tent is a must-have as it prevents the solution from splashing everywhere. It’s good to have a black colored tent. You can get tents with a removable top so that you can use exhaust fans above.

The solutions used in the spew tanning systems home spray tan are very advanced now. There are solutions of various types and you have to select the one suited for your client. A solution with less DHA should be used for clients with fair skin, a high DHA for olive-skin complexion and the third is for those with a natural tan. Pre and post-tanning products are good as the client’s skin has to be well nourished before tanning. Disposable bras and thongs, towels and foam stickers for the feet are the other accessories required.

Benefits of Airbrush Tanning

There are a couple of ways of sunless tanning; scatter tanning is one type or you can use an airbrush applicator. Using an airbrush tanning equipment is the best as it gives a uniform spread. You can get a natural tan with this method. It uses a compressor and an airbrush applicator that helps to evenly apply the solution.